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Haya Hulet, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
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Farmers Market

The construction project for the farmers market in Addis Ababa is a crucial initiative to address the city’s market problem and meet the demand of its residents. The proposed site spans across different areas of the city, with a total land area of 3.88 ha in Woreda 02, 2.8 ha in Lemi-Kura sub-city, 3.60 ha in Woreda 07, and 2.12 ha in Kolfe Keranio sub-city.

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    Addis Ababa City Admin

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    Addis Ababa, Ethiopia


Project Components

The Farmers Market project aims to design a sustainable marketplace with necessary utilities. Specifically, it aims to increase transaction volume, overcome congestion, and ensure a safe and trustworthy market. It seeks to attract buyers and sellers through a simple and sustainable design, facilitating safe and efficient transactions.


Building Form & Components

During the construction project, it is crucial to align the design with the objectives and specifications. Successfully completing this initiative will alleviate Addis Ababa’s market problem, boost the city’s economy, and promote agricultural growth. To improve readability, more transition words should be used, and sentences should be shorter with simpler words.

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